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Our Expatriation & Repatriation programmes ease the cultural adjustment process by preparing people to live, work and study effectively in countries that are not their own.

Examples of programmes include:

Programme Benefits to the Individual, Spouse & Family:

  • Increased satisfaction of living and working in a new country.
  • Deeper understanding of local business and host country culture
  • Enhanced intercultural communication skills.
  • Understanding of challenges of living in a new culture and the integration process.
  • Articulated objectives and action plan.
  • Increased success and preparation when repatriating.
  • Feeling part of the process and supported by the company.

Programme Benefits to the Organisation:

  • Reduced risk of assignment failure and employee departure.
  • Focused employee on new responsibilities without having to concentrate on the family not being able to adapt.
  • Increased employee productivity and acceleration of the integration process.
  • Optimized assignment experience for the partners and the families.
  • Enhanced intercultural communication skills and multicultural teamwork skills.

What others have said:

You really had a positive impact on my husband, he couldn't stop talking about the things you discussed with him. I'm finding it difficult to express in words how important our session was for him both personally and professionally, he is in a better place because of you. Thank you.

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