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Our Welcome to Switzerland programmes support people who have relocated to understand the Swiss way of doing things. They facilitate communication and integration and participants learn how to get things done with the help of a local expert; saving time and energy by becoming independent quickly.

Examples of programmes include:

Programme Benefits to the Employee, Spouse & Family:

  • Increased energy and time to focus on new job and enjoying Switzerland.
  • Tailored useful and practical information for the individual and their family.
  • Increased Insight into certain types of behavior and Swiss culture.
  • Reduced culture shock.
  • Reduced dependency on local company staff.

Programme Benefits to the Organisation:

  • Reduced risk of expatriation failure or pre-departure.
  • Accelerated employee integration process.
  • Increased productivity and minimized loss of effectiveness.
  • Reduced staff implication in expatriate assistance.
  • Satisfied and contented partners and families.

What others have said:

This might be the most detailed/practical Swiss presentation I've experienced thus far.  Nicola was very pleasant and responsive to questions.  She provided thoughtful advice, even as far as suggesting to not press too hard on the yearly car tax sticker so that it's easy to take it off at the end of the year ..."leave a little corner."  She used her own experiences, of course, but turned them into hypothetical situations and kept the focus on the assignees.  I look forward to working with Nicola in the future! Amanda

Thank you very much, it was very useful! And thank you for the explanation about food and French/English dictionary.

Relevant Resources & Information: