Nicola Winzenried

nw consulting was founded by Nicola Winzenried in 2010 after 16 years working in international organisations and an executive Masters in Intercultural Communication. Nicola has extensive experience in training expats and their families and developing intercultural communication skills within organisations. She is also a certified project manager.

Whilst working for international organisations Nicola understood why culture matters in situations such as relocating to Switzerland, working with multicultural teams and in daily interactions where cultural differences are rarely taken into consideration when issues arise. During her career she led knowledge management projects, delivered training and organised worldwide corporate events in Western and Eastern Europe, the United States and Bermuda.

Half Swiss and half British, Nicola grew up in the German and French speaking parts of Switzerland as well as in Morocco and has spent a great deal of time in both the UK and Australia where she has family. Nicola is fluent in English, French, German and Swiss German with some knowledge of Italian.

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Our Partners

To complement and optimize our programmes nw consulting partners with Borrer-Recruitment for international career opportunities and mandates. We also partner with Nextoyou to learn French the practical way and further facilitate the integration process.